Recreate Black Hawk Down With GameCraft’s Latest Resin Building

June 30, 2014 by dracs

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GameCraft Miniatures have released a new limited edition 285th scale resin terrain piece that will allow you to recreate the Battle of Mogadishu on your tabletop.

Blackhawk Down Target Building

Blackhawk Down Target Building Top

This two part resin structure comes in at 7" x 5.6" and is 2.2" tall and recreates the main building on Hawlwadig Road in Mogadishu, which saw the battle known as Black Hawk Down. It is listed as the Black Hawk Down "Target Building" and only a limited number are available, so if you're interested in modern warfare be sure to give it a look.

Can any of you tel us anything more about the events of Black Hawk Down?

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