Stop By the Games and Gears Tavern This GenCon

June 15, 2014 by dracs

Games and Gears have come out with a limited edition terrain piece that will only be available to pick up at this year's GenCon.

GenCon Adventurers Tavern

GenCon Adventurers Tavern Front

This Adventurers Tavern is now available to pre-order from the Games and Gears store, either as a pre-painted or unpainted model. It is made up of three pieces; the roof, lower floor, and a detachable GenCon tavern sign.

GenCon Adventurers Tavern Unpainted

GenCon Adventurers Tavern Sign

GenCon Adventurers Tavern Top

The tavern will only be available to pick up if you are lucky enough to be attending GenCon this year. The model has a ton of detail, and would be fantastic as a centre piece for many fantasy games, whether you're building the entire village, or are just gathering your adventuring party together.

If you're going to GenCon this year, will you stop by this Adventurers Tavern?

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