Tabletop Art Work On Some Bases of Ancient Machinery

November 9, 2014 by dracs

Tabletop Art are currently working on some new Ancient Machinery bases and have started showing off a few of their WiP's.

Ancient Machinery 25mm

Ancient Machinery 40mm

Ancient Machinery 60mm

These Ancient Machinery bases feature cogs and mechanisms protruding from beneath a brick road. This design makes for the perfect set of bases for games such as Wolsung SSG or even Warmachine, where steampunk technology is common place and could believably be found beneath the streets of a city.

These WiP's look like good additions to the range, bringing enough detail to look good while still providing enough flat services to make basing easy. Tabletop Art have said that others will also appear, such as a larger oval base.

How do you think these Ancient Machinery bases look? Would you use them for your miniatures?

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