Tabletop Art Begin Work on a Terrifying Tentacled Banner

October 7, 2014 by dracs

Tabletop Art have announced that they are currently working on a new banner set suitable for 28-30mm scale minis and have just published a WIP image of the first one.

Tabletop Art Banner WIP

This banner is obviously made from the flayed skin of some monster and I would not like to have met it while it was alive. It's a fascinatingly macabre, yet joyfully bizarre design.

Now while the tentacles would make this perfect for some of the more evil fantasy factions out there, personally I would give this to a group of corsairs or other pirates. This is the skin of some mighty sea monster that was foolish enough to attack. Its meat was tasty and now its skin is used to signal their attack and frighten the armies sent to face them. Arr.

Do you like Tabletop Art's new banner? Are there any changes that you would recommend?

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