Adam Finds an Actual Use For Liquid Green Stuff!

May 10, 2013 by dracs

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Over at his Tabletop Minions Channel Adam has made an incredible discover; an actual use for Liquid Green Stuff!

Adam Liquid Green Stuff

"But what is this revolutionary new use?" I hear you cry. "It can't be for filling in gaps." And you are right. Adam, with the help of a GW Cairn Wraith, has found its true purpose: to give smooth plastic a dirtier texture.

Adam's Painted Cairn Wraith

Just watch the vid to see how it's done and maybe you will finally be able to make use of that Liquid Green Stuff you've had knocking around.

What other uses for Liquid Green Stuff have you found?

You can find Adam's original unboxing of the Cairn Wraith for Beasts of War Vampire Week here!

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