Blue Table Painting Take Their Painting Skills to Kickstarter

October 19, 2012 by dracs

Blue Table Painting have announced that they will be starting up a Kickstarter in the next two days which they believe "has the potential to start to revolutionize the entire industry of wargaming."

Blue Table Painting Kickstarter

So what is this ground breaking new scheme, I hear you ask. Well let's see what Blue Table Painting have to say about it:

"Our Kickstarter, which will begin in the next two days, is to begin a new project that we truly believe has the potential to start to revolutionize the entire industry of wargaming. The tool that we're using to begin this revolution, is the "Turbo Army". This is not the same as the old product we offered by the same name. A new and powerful idea, behind an old and awesome name.

A Turbo Army is created with the fires of enthusiasm and imagination. It is a professionally created army ready to be shipped out on the spot.

Instant Gratification. Instead of weeks or months, you can have your army in days. Be playing your new army by the weekend.

Competitiveness. We pick lists that are rock-solid. Many drawn from major tournament-winning lists. Fun is fun, but it's no fun losing.

Imagination. Other armies are whimsical, themed or just plain fun. We draw on our pool of artists for unique conversions and ideas.

Consistency. You have your army. Now what? You can get new units painted up to match.

Selection. Now there is at long last a place on earth where you can get a truly wide selection of armies, models, warbands and even single specialty models. All ready to play or put in your display case. Hundreds of armies ready to march to war!

There is NO PLACE ON EARTH where you can go to find a large selection of pre-painted, ready-to-go armies. You can find a few on e-bay, and maybe a few more on personal stores or Amazon, but to find truly competitive, and truly well painted armies? Nowhere.

We aim to change that. We are once again pioneering a change in the Wargaming field. We have done it before, and we're doing it again. Join us, friends, in what will prove to be exciting new frontier.

Please like and share this post, so that everyone can get in on quality, competitive armies that will Cost Less."

Hmm, definitely some promising stuff, especially if you're like me and just too plain lazy to ever get your armies painted, and even when I do it always looks terrible. Seriously, I hide my armies every time Romain comes over to do some painting.

We will definitely be keeping an eye on this new project and it will be really interesting to see how it develops.

Do you think you might try and support Blue Table Painting?

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