Gamecraft Organise Your Desk for Optimum Painting

January 2, 2013 by dracs

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Have you ever found your various miniatures, hobby glues and paints spilling out across your desk until you can no longer see the desk? Well why not get organised with Gamecraft's new accessories?

Gamecraft - Paint Rack

Gamecraft - Paint Rack 45 Degree Inside Corner

Gamecraft - Workbench Organiser

These pieces will help you to organize your desk to your own satisfaction and keep everything neat and tidy, words that tend to be alien to us gamers.

Gamecraft not only help you with you to organize your painting, but also your armies with this new troop transport.

Gamecraft - Transport Tray

These, along with some foam, will help you to safely move your miniatures from gaming table to gaming table.

Will any of you be making use of Gamecraft's latest products?

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