Learn to Paint like a Master with Dark Sword Miniatures

August 29, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking for some instructional help with your painting then how about grabbing the Masterwork Miniature Painting DVD with Marike Reimer from Dark Sword Miniatures?

Darksword DVD Cover

With over 13 hours of instruction and some fantastic miniatures to work with could this be the tutorial package for you?

"Continue to build upon your miniature painting techniques under the guidance of Marike Reimer. Marike will guide you from module to module on the eye catching techniques that she is famous for. Marike will demonstrate how she creates her legendary smooth blends, amazing female skin tones, faces/eyes, freehand patterns, NMM, OSL, and so much more. Marike will help you "level up" big time with your painting skills."

Here are some examples of Marike's finished work...

Marike's Painted Example #1

Marike's Painted Example #2

Marike's Painted Example #3

So do you think you would grab this set for some extra painting help?

Let me know what you think below!

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