Celestial Painting Contest Interview + Meet The Master Painters!

May 5, 2018 by dignity

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Celestial Miniatures is a new team looking to create wonderful large-scale models for hobbyists, painters and collectors to play around with. They are currently looking to release their miniatures very soon, and in the meantime are running a painting contest alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Celestial Painting Contest

We were able to sit down with Byron from Celestial Miniatures to talk about their ideas for the contest and how it's all going to work. With that in mind, take a look at some of the big names taking part in this amazing contest.

Francesco Farabi

Nuwa - Francesco Farabi

Sergio Calvo Rubio

Nuwa - Sergio Calvo Rubio

Antonio Pena Jimenez

Queen Of The Void by Atonio Pena Jimenez

Enrique Velasco Sanchez

Queen Of The Void by Enrique Velaso Sanchez

Fabrizio Russo

Queen Of The Void by Fabrizio Russo

Ben Komets

Twilight by Ben Comets

Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Zhurong by Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Servy Chasnyk

Zhurong by Servy Chasnyk

Massimiliano Amon Richiero

G'Gong by Massmiliano Amon Richiero

Diego Esteban Perez

X'hydral by Diego Esteban Perez

Each of these extraordinary painters is going to be painting up these models throughout the next few weeks and posting their progress into the Celestial Miniatures Facebook Group. YOU will be able to join and talk about your favourites, as well as see the progress on these various projects as we post up videos talking to our key team of judges as well.

For example, Aleksandra Cvetanovski has been showing off some of her work on the model here...

Celestial Progress

Make sure to check out both their Facebook Page and the Facebook Group and have your say. Which of the miniatures coming out from Celestial has caught your eye, and which painter will you be backing?

Drop your thoughts below...

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