Pick Up Your Paint Brush for the Puppets War Painting Contest!

February 7, 2013 by dracs

Puppets War have reached 5000 likes on their Facebook page and to celebrate they have announced that they will be holding community judged painting contest!

Puppets War Contest

For this painting contest all you have to do is paint up a Puppets War mini to the best of your ability, take a picture and send it in. These images will then be collected into a gallery and the one which receives the most likes will be getting 2x the mini in the image.

Puppets War will also be choosing three other entries who will be getting vouchers worth €180, €120 and €60.

The deadline for submissions is midnight on the 28th February - 1st March EET so grab those paint brushes and start putting Romain's tips into practice.

Do you think you might give this a shot? If you want to find out more the details can be read on the Puppets War Facebook.

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