Disease Shapes the World With Pandemic Legacy

July 2, 2014 by dracs

Pandemic has to be one of my all time favourite board games, a simple, effective cooperative experience in which you and your friends stem the flow of disease. You know what else I love? Risk Legacy. Wouldn't it be awesome if the two were combined somehow?

Pandemic Legacy

That's right, now our games of Pandemic can be played out as an ever evolving campaign. Our actions will shape the world, diseases will be stemmed and spread and the fate of the human race rests in our hands!

Pandemic Legacy starts what will be one of the worst years in human history. Whether it is the worst year is up to the players, who must band together to save the world. Unlike Pandemic, actions taken in one game will affect all future games. Characters will change. Some may be lost. Heroes will emerge. And, of course, there are the diseases, which start under control but soon... Can you save humanity? So much more to come about Pandemic Legacy, will you be ready?

The game is being made as a collaborative effort between Pandemic's creator  Matt Leacock and the man behind Risk Legacy Rob Daviau, so right off the bat we know that we should be in for an interesting, living strategy game that maintains all the style and mechanics we love about Pandemic.

To give us an idea of what to expect from this new version of Pandemic, Z-Man have published a quick teaser interview between the two creators.

Pandemic Legacy Teaser

Well I think that makes everything perfectly clear.

One thing I have picked up from this is that Risk Legacy narrative capabilities will be transferred over into Pandemic, allowing us to create rich stories with characters who will evolve with the game. This is great as, not only does it enhance the gameplay experience, but it opens up new possibilities for the game itself to explore, with heroes gaining abilities or falling as the diseases take hold.

How well do you think Pandemic will play out with the Legacy system?

Source: Escapist Magazine

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