An Emergency Event is Declared in Pandemic

January 8, 2015 by dracs

State of Emergency, the latest expansion for the popular board game Pandemic, is on its way, bringing with it all sorts of new challenges, one of which Z-Man Games is giving us a quick preview of.

Emergency Events Challenge

The Emergency Events Challenge cards are included in the player deck and there will be as many of these nasty occurrences as there are Epidemics. These Emergency Events present players with new obstacles they must overcome in their attempts to save the world from rampaging disease.

Some Emergency Events have continuous effects that only end when another Emergency Event is drawn, such as this one: “Reduce players’ hand limits to 6 cards.” The effect of this card – and many others – can make or break your strategy if you are not careful. - Z-Man Games

Of course, the Emergency Events aren't the only challenges turning up in Pandemic: State of Emergency. Players will also find themselves up against the Hinterlands Challenge and the Superbug Challenge. Neither sound entirely promising for humanity, but we will hopefully find out more about them in the future.

Do you think State of Emergency will help bring new life to your Pandemic games?

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