The Armies Of Panzerfauste Gather Ahead Of Kickstarter Launch

October 5, 2015 by brennon

Hysterical Games have shown off a whole bunch of new renders ahead of the Kickstarter for their Weird World War game with a Fantastical twist, Panzerfauste. There are a collection of very different armies coming together for this project...

Beardy Leaders

First up we have a look at the Dwarves for the game and  their NCOs. Feldwebel Korder and Leutnant von Margen are just two of the NCOs you can call on...

Dwarf NCOs

I am very inclined to go for Dwarves in this game because of my love of the bearded fellows and I do play Germans in regular Bolt Action. With that in mind it does seem like a good combination!

British Boyz

Following in the footsteps of the Dwarf NCOs we have the Orc ones below featuring Sergeant “Sarge” Dûr-shun and Lieutenant Rhôd-ni. As you can see they are so British that they're getting stuck in with a cricket bat as their weapon of choice in melee.

Orc Sergeants

You will also need some support weapons for when the enemy bring in some of that big chunky armour. This team rolls around with a rocket launcher of sorts to plug holes in vehicles.

Orc Support Weapons

The Orcs are looking like a great faction in the game with plenty of character to them. It's also neat to see the Orcs not appearing as the 'bad guys' for once in a game world. I know there aren't really any sides in Panzerfauste but it does makes for a good change AND Orcs have always been loud mouthed Englishmen anyway!

Gnomic Knowledge

The Gnomes are calling on some eldritch force to support their forces in battle. They have a number of different Priests which you can see below who have something a little bit evil about them; especially that chap in the centre.

Gnome Priests

When the praying fails then the Gnome Sniper Team step in to take out key targets from long range. I actually quite like the spotter with his little telescope stand although I wish the sniper was kneeling so it looked like he was actually ready to take a shot.

Gnome Sniper Team

Last but not least the Pigeon Handler will be sending off messages to the rest of the army. Will he be the new Speckled Jim and lead the Gnomes into an array of different and hilarious problems?

Gnome Pigeon Carrier

The Gnomes aren't quite at the forefront of my mind for this game but I can see them looking very neat on the tabletop with their vast array of different weapons and vehicles. Snail Tanks were always going to be a winner.

Deep Dark Denizens

Last but not least we have the Troglodytes who dwell in the depths of the Panzerfauste world and look like they will be filling the role of 'Americans' in the Panzerfauste world.


I like their little tails poking out of their uniforms and considering their lithe nature maybe we'll see some awesome special operations troops popping up for this faction.

What do you think?

"As you can see they are so British that they're getting stuck in with a cricket bat as their weapon of choice in melee..."

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