The Deathless Are Coming To Hysterical’s Panzerfauste

October 19, 2015 by brennon

Hysterical Games have shown off some more of the work going into the new factions in Panzerfauste which is currently up on Kickstarter. First off we should delve into the new faction, The Deathless, which are an Undead/Demon faction with a slant towards the Russian and/or Soviet...

Deathless Rusalka

As you can see they are lead by a rather dangerous looking individual. I would imagine they are drawing off some of that mystical feeling behind Rasputin who would fit into this time frame from our own history.

Deathless Zombie

Deathless Likho

It looks like a lot of the models are based off an Elf-type creature or Demons as the description mentioned. I would imagine these chaps are going to be rather slow and resilient.


As well as The Deathless there are some unlocks to take a look at. Both the Dwarves and the Gnomes are getting some fantastic specialist troops. The first of these are the Dwarf Sturmtruppen. If you want to raid trenches and get stuck into the action then these guys will get the job done.

Dwarf Sturmtruppen Section

There are also some Cavalry options for the Gnomes. Admittedly they might be quite slow but these snail-riding soldiers could well be the thing that helps their war effort.

Gnome Chasseurs Gasteroportes Troop

I like that they have the long rifles which I assume makes these more of a mobile fire platform rather than a charging melee unit. There is plenty to look forward to with this range of models.

What do you think?

"First off we should delve into the new faction, The Deathless..."

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