The Deathless Shamble Into The World Of Panzerfauste

October 3, 2016 by brennon

The Deathless, the Russian/Soviet themed force for Panzerfauste, are coming to life from Hysterical Games. A lot of work is going into making them a possibility and they should be with you soon(ish)...


While this is quite a small image it does show off the Starter Set that you'll be getting if you pledged for the Wave Two selection and picked Deathless. I love their leader with those curled horns.

Taking a closer look at their force we have the Zombis themselves (yes, that's how it's spelt!)

Deathless Zombis

I think they look great and it's nice to see such an array of different poses. I think as well as the dirt and grime of the grave these soldiers need a splattering of blood too.

There are other demonic additions to this collection too including some special weapon teams.

Deathless Pulemet

This is the Deathless Pulemet but they also have designs for a Mortar and more on the horizon. You can see some of their additional work HERE as part of their Kickstarter update.

Did you pledge to pick up the Deathless?

"I love their leader with those curled horns..."

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