More Gnomes Join The Panzerfauste War From Hysterical Games

May 7, 2015 by brennon

More artwork has popped up from Hysterical Games surrounding the new weird and wonderful take on World War II that is Hysterical Games' Panzerfauste. More Gnomes are ready for a scrap!

Rank & File

The new artwork not only adds to the variety of different Chasseur models we're going to see but also shows off the Infanterie de Marine that will be taking on a more specialised role on the battlefield no doubt.

Gnome Chasseur

Gnome Marine

I didn't think that the Gnomes were going to be a faction that appealed to me (especially with the Dwarves being available for the Germans) but seeing the Marine with his cool mutton chop beard going on and the awesome outfit makes me wonder about what side I'll support!

Perfect In Garlic Butter...

These infantry models however are just the tip of the iceberg as the Hysterical Games crew have also shown off a wonderful piece of artwork that, while building on a stereotype, also just looks bloomin' fantastic...

Gnome Chasseur & Escargot

Gnomes riding Snails. Who would have thought it? To be fair though all you need to do is literally 'salt the earth' and you'd have a lot of shriveled snails and unhappy riders on the battlefield.

This game is looking like it could be a fantastic project and I can't wait to see where it goes over the next few months with both artwork and of curse the models!

Would you side with the Gnomes?

"Gnomes riding Snails. Who would have thought it?"

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