Hysterical Games Mount Up On Beasts For Panzerfauste

September 28, 2015 by brennon

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Hysterical Games have shown off some more artwork and a new render for the beasts and brutes that are being used by the armies in Panzerfauste. We kick things off with a look at the creatures used to smash apart defences and go leaping into the trenches of the enemy...

Fomori Brute

The Fomori Brute is used in battle by the British Orcs and acts as a shock troop. The handlers drive it onwards while it brings up a huge shield to stop gunfire. Then it smashes its enemies around with that rather large mallet.

As well as these foot troops you can expect the armies of Panzerfauste to use big creatures as walking (and slithering) tanks. The Orcs have snapped up the War-Wyrm...

Orc Wyrm Tank

As you can see they have almost just removed the underbelly and the wheels of this tank and added the lizard! I think it looks very cool and I can already imagine some very fun dioramas with this crawling over defences while the gun blasts away on top.

The French Gnomes have gone for the slow but steady approach with their animal vehicles. See what you think of these snails...

Gnome Snail Tank

These snails have been used to mount rather hefty artillery on the top of it. The fact that the snails are going to be very slow works with the fact that they're using artillery since it will be able to simply hang out at the back of the board.

What do you think?

"The French Gnomes have gone for the slow but steady approach with their animal vehicles..."

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