Plucky Orc Brits Join The Fighting For Hysterical’s Panzerfauste

May 11, 2015 by brennon

Hysterical Games have added even more artwork to their Facebook Page showing off one of the other factions for their weird take on World War II that is Panzerfauste. This time it's the stiff upper lip of the British Orcs...

Highlander Pride

As you can see below the artwork not only takes a look at the standard British Soldier for the Orcs but also an epic Highlander Officer who is clutching the head of some poor dead Dwarf in his meaty fist.

Orc Highlander Officer

Orc Infantry

Weirdly enough this army is appealing to me, but then again so are the French Gnomes, as I think they've been doing a great job with the interesting troop designs for this game. There's no word on when exactly the game will come out as they are still very much in the development stage but they are doing everything right so far when it comes to the hype.

French Gnomes, British Orcs or German Dwarves - which would you go for?

"...they are doing everything right so far when it comes to the hype"

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