Classic RPG Paranoia Gets Rebooted on Kickstarter!

October 24, 2014 by dracs

Paranoia, my all time favourite RPG of all time (other games are less fun), has hit Kickstarter and is ready to plunge us once again into a world of happy contented service to the Computer!


Paranoia is a darkly humorous scifi game filled with political satire where players exist in a underground society run by the friendly and not at all deranged Computer, and are tasked by that Computer to hunt down all manner of threats while trying to prevent anyone from finding out they might just be one of those threats themselves.

Re-Calibrate Equipment

For this new reboot of the game, Mongoose Publishing, the guys behind the Kickstarter, have brought it up to date to deal with a world where terrorism has replaced communism as the main focus of fear mongering and Snowden's leaks have spread classified information they don't want us to know.

They have also improved the previous rules. Wait, no not improved, the previous rules were perfect, what are you doing with that blaster AAAAAHH!

Hi, Sam-Y-BOW-4 here. For this new edition, Mongoose have streamlined the rules and introduced a new card based system to help keep up the frantic momentum of the game and keep the focus on action, with cards designating items, mutant powers and combat options.

Paranoia Cards

I have to admit that the cards are something I'm a little uncertain about. They look like they could be a lot of fun, but one of the things I always liked about the previous versions was that it didn't need a lot of components and I am worried that these might take the attention away from the moments of subterfuge and political duplicity that often characterise the game.

Another thing I don't like is... why hello IntSec officer, sir. Of course, I would love to accompany you to the nearest confession booth! All hail the Computer!

No One is Screaming

I am genuinely excited about the reappearance of this fantastic game. While there are a number of things I am concerned about, I am intrigued in how this will hold up against the iterations that have been before, as well as how modern influences effect the setting. At heart though it still promises to be the hilarious game of mutants, traitors and bureaucracy gone mad that I love. I really cannot wait to give this new Paranoia a go.

Are you a fan of Paranoia? Will you be backing this new Kickstarter? Do you own any treasonous items and have you ever been affiliated with the Sierra Club?

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