Paranoia Returns as Mongoose Take It to Kickstarter!

October 15, 2014 by dracs

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A bit of exciting news for all fans of pen and paper RPGs as the Mongoose Publishing will soon be heading to Kickstarter in order to gain the funds needed to bring out a new version of the classic game Paranoia.


Paranoia was first published in 1984, drawing upon the social fears and anxieties of the Cold War years to create a brilliantly ridiculous game which is best in the Paranoia: Troubleshooters book as "Laurel and Hardy get a job at George Orwell's Big Brother."

In the future, the surface of the Earth has been blasted by nuclear war. Now the last remains of humanity exist in an underground city ruled by the friendly and benevolent Computer who is definitely not reading my articles to check I'm loyal, all hail the Computer. You must try and climb the social ladder of this strange society, while keeping an eye out for the insidious forces of mutant-commie-traitors. One problem though, you are also a secret mutant-commie-traitor.

Paranoia Troubleshooters

Mongoose Publishing have had the rights for the game for a while now, but now they are looking to give it a complete overhaul for the modern age.

This new edition of Paranoia is a smoking reboot on the other foot. It takes the darkly humorous vision of the original game and filters it through layers of cyber-surveillance, Snowden revelations, Google Glass and the terror of terrorism, and adds a heavy dose of sardonic British humour to bring its tone and setting up to date with a bang, a whimper and a smell of burning hair. The mechanics have been rebuilt from scratch, replacing charts and simulation with cards and fast-paced tactical action and cascading chaos. - Mongoose Publishing

The idea of updating the setting of Paranoia to draw in the many technological concerns and fears of modern life is definitely a welcome addition.

However, I'm a little nervous about the change in the mechanics, putting a focus upon "fast-paced tactical action." Whenever I run Paranoia, and in most cases where I have played in games run by someone else, I tend to focus more upon placing the characters in situations where they have opportunities to implicate each other and spring cunning traps, often neglecting combat in favour of character interaction and evolving scenarios based upon their actions.

Still, it is good to see Paranoia return and I look forward to seeing the Kickstarter arrive on 9:30am (GMT) on Friday October 24th. Of course, I will support the great Computer! You need not doubt my loyalty! No, please not the Friendly Re-Education Center again!

Do you like Paranoia? Think you will help its grand return?

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