Delve Into The Pathfinder Pure Steam RPG Soon!

July 5, 2013 by brennon

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If you're looking for an alternative setting for your Pathfinder games then how about the upcoming Pure Steam RPG world? The new Core Book is up for pre-order!

Pure Steam RPG Hero

The artwork looks great and it appears as if this setting has plenty to offer someone looking for an alternative adventure.

What's inside...

  • Plunge into the setting with original subraces, each fresh and with a rich history.
  • Take on the role of the Chaplain, an original base class able to heal, buff, harm, and bewilder allies and foes without magic. She adventures to further the goals of her association (each of which grants unique powers and options).
  • Power up as the Gearhead, an original base class able to create wondrous effects through the use of technology. The Gearhead is able to daily construct useful and dangerous gear with a draft book full of schematics.
  • Try your hand at one of the unique class archetypes such as the Pugilist, Grease Rat, or Ructioneer.
  • Aim true and strike hard with new weapons, accessories, and gadgetry.
  • Kick the tires. Brand new vehicles promise rapid travel and dynamic combat.
  • Experience the horror science can awaken with new monsters such as the Reanimated Corpse and the Wondrous Armature.

An ace setting for an ace role-playing game. I suggest you folks consider trying this one out!

Have you tried their test rules?

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