Looking For Group? Try Their New Pathfinder RPG!

August 14, 2014 by brennon

If you like the webcomic series Looking For Group but want to be a part of their world then thankfully they've got a Pathfinder RPG Set out based on their characters and adventures coming out today at Gen Con and on their webstore!

Looking for Group RPG

Looking for Group RPG (Components)

The game comes with...

  • Easy-to-understand rules for beginners, hilarious and bizarre rules and examples to delight veteran gamers;
  • A replayable sample adventure, Tojen, Crosh, Haima, and Juju Are Dead, taking place before the events of the now-classic Looking for Group page 133, in which our heroes must stop a Legion plot to destroy a dam, flood a temple, and push the civil war in the North past the tipping point. 2+ hours of play time;
  • A set of RPG dice and an LFG dice bag;
  • Pre-generated characters of the cast of Looking For Group, Richard, Cale (with Sooba), Benny, Krunch, and Pella, as well as a blank character sheet;
  • Over 50 pawns and a double-sided, dry-erasable mat to play out your LFG adventures.

You'll be able to play as the cast of the webcomic, undertake adventures that fit into their world and of course there will be new classes and extras for you to use with your regular games of Pathfinder if you like. This sounds like a neat little set and you can demo it at Gen Con so it might be worth checking it out.

Are you an avid reader of Looking For Group?

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