Paizo Announces New Adventure Path That Takes On Giants

March 2, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Today, Paizo released information about their newest Adventure Path series to be called Giantslayer. In this series you will be taking on a storm giant warlord conveniently known as Storm Tyrant.

Battle of Bloodmarch Hill

In these scenarios this giant is trying to build an army of giants to take over the lands. In this six part adventure you will fight across an abandoned fortress, an ancient giant temple, the tomb of an undead frost giant. and an elite fire giant training facility beneath a dormant volcano, and then you will end up facing off against the Storm Tyrant in his flying fortress.

Per the announcement Paizo states...

"Giantslayer is a return to the blood-and-thunder, sword-and-sorcery roots of the Pathfinder RPG,” says Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. “Our last few campaigns have jumped from world to world, cast the heroes and super-legendary über-heroes fighting off a demon invasion, and other madness. Giantslayer tells an epic fantasy story against epic villains that helps players and GMs get back to basics in the most ass-kickingest way we know how."

The Hill Giants Pledge

The six part series will be printed in full colour and will be approximately 96 pages in a soft cover book. It will be published monthly. So, if you are a Pathfinder player this just might interest you.

Do you have the stones to take on a giant?

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