Peachey Models Assemble The Army For Project Shadowstug

September 16, 2013 by brennon

Peachey Models are continuing with Project Shadowstug and it's just got a whole lot more awesome (not that it wasn't already!). Dreamforge Games and Wargames Factory have donated a whole bunch of Eisenkern!

1st Infantry Platoon of the Mars Demonstration Korps

This lot is going to become the 1st Infantry Platoon of the Mars Demonstration Korps and be a partner for the massive tank they are planning. Remember to check out some of our earlier stories on this. The Eisenkern are an awesome way to make this army look as awesome as possible while keeping in both the realm of historical Germany and the Imperium of the far future.

3rd SS Panzer Grenadier Division Kursk, July 1943

12th SS Panzer Div, Ardennes, December 1944

Panzer-Lehr-Division, Normandy, July 1944

As well as that they are looking at getting ready to paint this monster and above are the three styles you can choose from. If you head over to their Facebook Page you can vote and of course drop a comment below too with your opinion on what it should look like.

I've also heard there are a few other awesome bits and pieces on the way too for the charity event at Salute 2014 so watch this space!

Just Giving Page

BmyCharity Page

An awesome project for a good cause!

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