An Update On The Impressive Project ShadowStug!

October 11, 2013 by brennon

Project ShadowStug has been going from strength to strength and we've got another update for you on the progress for both the ShadowStug and the Toroton Super-Heavy...



This mighty tank can currently be assembled as a Baneblade, Hell Hammer, Shadowsword, Stormlord, Banesword, Stormsword, Bane Hammer, Doom Hammer and Stormblade. That's quite a lot of variants including the throwback to the Pz Kpfw IV and the ShadowStug itself.

All of the turrets are removable and interchangeable allowing you to add on their extras like the massive aerial and targeting system too. The second of the tanks comes in the form of the Toroton which is based on the British A39 Tortoise from World War II.

Toroton Front


Toroton gun

This one's being created by Matthew Davis and features a rather large cannon right on the front! Right now it's being molded to fit the shape of the A39 and while there is a lot more work to do it is coming along nicely. Below is an image of the tank it's going to be based on...


As well as the tanks they are also working on bringing together a host of infantry too thanks to Dreamforge Games that will take the form of an Imperial Guard Platoon. They are also looking to add in some Chimeras and Halftrack APC vehicles if they get enough donations!

Remember you can donate using the links below...



And it will all be coming to a head at Salute next year!

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