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More Footsore Miniatures 28mm Welsh Warriors Begin Their Raids


Footsore Miniatures & Games have now released a set of new Welsh Warriors in 28mm for you to use in your Historical wargaming. Whilst there is a decent focus on the Dark Age, these miniatures wouldn't look out of place deeper into the Medieval period as well.

Unboxing: 28mm Late Roman Archers & Slingers | Victrix Miniatures

2 weeks ago 2

Build up your Late Roman and Arthurian age armies as Gerry unboxes the 28mm Late Roman Archers & Slingers from the folks at Victrix Miniatures. You've got the makings of some good skirmishes within this set.

Unboxing: General Accoutrements For Wargaming | Wargames Atlantic


Gerry dives into some handy essentials for all wargamers. Wargames Atlantic has created a set of General Accoutrements for 28mm wargamers that includes shields and horses. These could be great for all genres, all time periods and all sorts of miniature wargames.

Conquest’s Stunning Sorcerer Kings Faction Rises: A New Power In Fantasy Wargaming #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Why wait for The Old World when the folks at Para Bellum Games are releasing another stunning faction for their 35mm Fantasy wargame, Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings. The Sorcerer Kings are looking stunning and a real boon for those looking to get stuck into rank and file wargaming.

Ragnarok’s HUGE Sons Of Odin Range Now On Gripping Beast


Ragnarok Miniatures' (Colin Patten) range of awesome 28mm Vikings is now available for you to scoop up from the folks at Gripping Beast. If you missed out on the Kickstarter then this is a great place for you to scoop up the Sons Of Odin and start yourself a SAGA warband or two.

Unboxing: 28mm Norman Crossbowmen | Victrix Miniatures


Gerry dives into the 28mm Norman Crossbowmen plastic set from Victrix Miniatures that will be great for those looking to conquer England during 1066. There are loads of options on the sprues for those making Dark Age and Medieval armies.

Halo Back On The Tabletop! The Iconic Video Game Gets Another Chance With Mantic! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! In this week's show, we explore the exciting news that Mantic has teamed up with 343 Industries to bring Halo to the tabletop. The new 40mm miniatures game is going to be focused on the multiplayer side of the Halo video games and that has us very intrigued as to where it will go!

Details Revealed For Footsore & Matt Bickley’s Viking Raid


Footsore Miniatures & Games have revealed more information about their upcoming Kickstarter campaign that aims to bring a whole host of new Matt Bickley 28mm Vikings to the tabletop. All the miniatures are done and they are looking good!

Explore What If Scenarios With Wargames Atlantic’s New Sets


Wargames Atlantic have added a whole host of new releases to their Atlantic Digital range. If you're looking to dive into some fun What If scenarios and explore different periods of history as well as other genres, you've come to the right place!

Cult Of Games XLBS: 2024 Hobby Resolutions – Will You Be Trying Something New?


Let's dive into a new Cult Of Games XLBS! In this week's Cult Of Games we have a proper dive into hobby time and some of our plans for new year. They might include something different from the norm with a smidge of Gunpla! Do you have some new hobbies you're exploring this year?

Community Spotlight: Solo Dark Age Wargaming, ShatterPunk & Project Cornetto!


We dive into the first Community Spotlight of the year with a look at some solo wargaming, a bit of alternative Star Wars hobby and an immense The Walking Dead project!

Victrix Show Off Their Historical Miniatures Coming In 2024


Victrix Miniatures previewed a whole host of new figures for all periods of history that will arrive in plastic throughout 2024. Their team have been producing some amazing miniatures in 28mm and 12mm and that trend looks to continue. 

V&V Miniatures Unleash Their Metal Viking Berserkers


V&V Miniatures are continuing their voyage into the world of metal miniatures with a new set of 28mm figures. You can now get their Viking Berserkers in metal for use in your Dark Age wargames like SAGA.

Unboxing: Late Roman Horse Archers | Victrix


Gerry gets ready for the fall of Rome with Victrix's new set of dark-age cavalry as he takes a look at the Late Roman Horse Archers. A perfect set of mounted warriors for your dark age games like SAGA for example.

Footsore Miniatures Plan A Mighty New Viking Range For 2024


Footsore Miniatures & Games are planning a mighty Viking raid with a whole host of 28mm Matthew Bickley miniatures coming to Kickstarter soon.

Turning Sands: Osprey & Para Bellum’s Christmas Glimpse Into Wargaming In 2024 #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time, and as Christmas nears, we're still bustling with the latest in miniature gaming. Get ready for 2024's exciting lineup from Osprey Games, featuring new additions to Frostgrave and Stargrave, and Para Bellum Games' latest for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. Big surprises are just around the corner!

Sci-Fi Highlanders & Skeletons For All From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic has been putting together a bunch of new 3D Printable 28mm kits for you to use in your Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargames. We start with a pretty awesome Sci-Fi offering in the form of these Highlanders!

One Of Our Favourite Games Is Back! The Walking Dead: All Out War Returns In 2024! #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! We get very excited about the news that Mantic Games has reached an agreement with Skybound to bring The Walking Dead: All Out War back to the tabletop in 2024. Yes, that means new expansions and more for this awesome miniatures game.

New Warlords, Skirmishers & Zulus From Wargames Atlantic


Wargames Atlantic have added a bunch of new 3D Printable kits to their Atlantic Digital collection. These should allow you to dive into more 28mm Historical wargaming on the tabletop and perhaps fill in the gaps in your collection or start something new!

Call Of Duty On The Tabletop! Spectre’s New Edition No-Scopes Modern Warfare #OTTWeekender


It's OTTWeekender time! Fed up of being taken out by try hards on Call Of Duty? Have a look at the awesome new modern warfare era 28mm miniatures from Spectre Operations which could totally get more video gamers stuck into some tabletop wargames.

15mm & 28mm Viking Warfare Awaits From Smol Miniatures


Smol Miniatures are on Kickstarter right now with a new campaign aiming at bringing 3D Printable 15mm and 28mm Dark Age miniatures to the tabletop for your Historical wargames. You'll be able to snap up miniatures for Vikings, Saxons and Frankish forces to use on the tabletop.

A 2000 AD World You Might Have Missed! ABC Warriors Gets New Tabletop Miniatures Game! #OTTWeekender

3 months ago 16

It's OTTWeekender time! In this episode, we're diving into the awesomeness that is the new ABC Warriors miniatures range from Warlord Games for their newest entry in the 2000 AD collection.

Wargames Atlantic Hunt Grendel & War With Aztecs Warriors


Wargames Atlantic have recently added a whole bunch of awesome 28mm miniatures to their Atlantic Digital collection. There are options for Historical, Sci-Fi and Fantasy wargamers to add to their collections.

An Orc Rabble Gets Raised By Medbury Miniatures This Month


Medbury Miniatures has added another host of awesome releases to their Patreon for November. There are both Fantasy and Historical releases as always and this time, we start with their Fantasy offerings that focus on more Orcs and some Undead Elves in 28mm scale.

Harass Your Foes With Victrix’s New Late Roman Horse Archers


Victrix Miniatures have now released their new plastic kit for your 28mm Late Romans. See what you make of these Horse Archers which are going to be great for harassing your foes and securing the advance of your main force on the tabletop.

Victrix Begin Work On 28mm Plastic Varangian Guard!


Victrix has been tinkering around with all manner of fun Dark Age kits for use in your Historical wargames. One of their most recent previews is for the Varangian Guard who popped up earlier this week, a mighty force of mercenaries for you to use as far afield as Byzantium. 

Cult Of Games XLBS: Making History Fun; Drop The Boring Bits!


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion on making history and historical wargaming (more) fun. Sometimes you find yourself getting bogged down by the boring bits when it comes to historical wargames and it might just be easier to cut out said boring bits! Does this make for a better game? We have a particular look at Warren's plans for wargaming in Acre during the Crusades.

New Wargames Atlantic Digital Kits Cover WWI, Fantasy & More


Wargames Atlantic has been showing off all manner of awesome new 3D Printable kits on Atlantic Digital. They have sets that cover pretty much every period of history you could think of and we're starting off with the era of Imperial Conquest.

Dwarven Commanders & Dying Vendels From Medbury Miniatures


Medbury Miniatures have another great Patreon haul of both Historical and Fantasy miniatures for the month of September. Their 28mm miniatures for this month focus on Dwarven kingdoms and more of their Vendels.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Making Your Wargame Terrain Matter! Meddling With Movement Rules


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive into a discussion about tabletop terrain and the ways that people build their tabletops. We also discuss some interesting rules that could make good use of terrain to make games feel more dynamic and interesting.

This HUGE Wargame Is Free?! Blackwater Gulch Is A Weird Wild West Hidden Gem #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're looking at a HUGE wargame that is absolutely free for you to dive into. If you've wanted to get stuck into some Weird Wild West wargaming or a set of rules that cover Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Near Future settings, Gangfight Games and Blackwater Gulch are well worth looking at.

Baccus Put Together 6mm Armies For Little War’s Ravenfeast


A little while back, Little Wars TV created a set of rules called Ravenfeast which could be used for Dark Age wargaming. A lot of people play the game in 28mm but Little Wars TV also created a set of rules for playing out BIG battles using tiny miniatures. Well, Baccus 6mm have now created packs that you can use to play out those engagements!

Fogou Models Turn More Terrain Into Tumbling 28mm Ruins


Fogou Models recently added a few more terrain kits to their Ruins range for you to use in your 28mm wargames. Being particularly fitting for Fantasy and Historical wargames, these could also find a way into other genres if you liked. 

Anglo-Dane Cavalry Rides To Battle From Footsore Miniatures


Footsore Miniatures have added some new 28mm Anglo-Danes into the mix for those looking to bolster their Late Saxon forces riding to battle in their Dark Age wargames. This time around, your troops won't be slogging it on foot though as these reinforcements are cavalry!

The Cities Of Sigmar! Best Age Of Sigmar Army Yet OR Has GW Jumped The Shark? #OTTWeekender


It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the last set of Cities Of Sigmar miniatures for Warhammer Age Of Sigmar. Are they the best-looking army yet for The Mortal Realms or has Games Workshop jumped the shark with this one? Let us know!

Medbury Bring Tales Of Beowulf Miniatures To Kickstarter!


Medbury Miniatures have now launched their Kickstarter for The Tales Of Beowulf, a range of Vendel Era 28mm miniatures for you to use in your Historical and Fantasy wargames. Take a peek at the range of metal miniatures coming your way!

Victrix Miniatures Preview More Early Saxon Warriors


The Dark Age range from Victrix Miniatures is going to be expanding with more 28mm Early Saxon Warriors coming to the tabletop soon. We looked at the Warriors not too long ago but now Victrix has shown off the Command Figures you'll get as part of the pack.

Cult Of Games XLBS: What Period Is Best For Introducing People To Historical Wargaming?


As part of this week's Cult Of Games XLBS, we dive in and have a chat about some hobby that we've been up to and some games we've been playing PLUS ask the question of what's the best Historical period we can use to introduce wargamers to something that isn't Sci-Fi and Fantasy?

Defend The City Of Torgord With Medbury Miniatures On Patreon


Medbury Miniatures have revealed their new releases for August over on Patreon. There is a good selection of options for both Historical and Fantasy wargamers looking to bolster their 28mm armies by 3D Printing off some new warriors.

Sgt Stubby & More Join Wargames Atlantic’s Digital Offerings


Wargames Atlantic has added even more files to their Atlantic Digital collection, offering up new Historical miniatures for you to 3D Print for a variety of periods. We start off with The Great War and a mascot alongside a big machine gun. 

Set Up A Viking Sea Burial With Tabletop-Art’s New Terrain


Tabletop-Art has been showing off a few new terrain sets that you can pick up and add to your collection. The first of these is something that would be great for a diorama or perhaps a highly charged scenario where a Viking warrior is getting sent off to Valhalla.

Tell The Tale Of Beowulf With Medbury Miniatures Soon


Medbury Miniatures create some absolutely stunning 3D Printable miniatures across the genres of Fantasy and History in 28mm scale. They have also taken to producing some of their range in metal too over on their webstore. Things are going to ramp up further though with their upcoming The Tale Of Beowulf Kickstarter!

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