The Perry’s French Dragoons Ride Onto The Sands Of Egypt

October 28, 2016 by brennon

Perry Miniatures are growing the French In Egypt range with some more units of Dragoons on the way. Kicking things off we have the Command element which is always useful...

Dragoon Command

In some very resplendent colours they would be a striking sight on the battlefield and it would be hard to miss them. Shown galloping, they could well be on the way to battle!

Following on from them we have some Dragoons In Overalls, also galloping, with swords shouldered.

Dragoons Sword Shouldered

As noted in the picture the Dragoons are wearing the leather helmets that have just recently been discovered to be part of their kit. A nice touch to keep things up to date for those Historical buffs.

Finally, we have the 15th Dragoons In Tall Boots with swords shouldered.

Dragoon Galloping

I'd say that these models would set you up for a grand old scene as their commanding officers signal the charge and the unit gets ready to rumble forth across the sands towards the enemy.

What do you think of these dashing Dragoons?

"I'd say that these models would set you up for a grand old scene..."

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