The Gendarmes d’Elite Ride Out Of Perry Miniatures!

July 11, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have sounded the charge and the Gendarmes d'Elite are now riding forth in both bearkskins and helmets to charge down the enemy and rout them from the field of battle!

Gendarmes d' Elite in Bearkskins

Gendarmes d' Elite in Helmets

First up we have some painted examples for you of the basic riders done by Mystic Spiral. They look as classy as anything and while they are decidedly more relaxed in the saddle they do look equally menacing too. It would be rather cool to see them done going full throttle though with swords outstretched!

Gendarmes d' Elite Command with Helmets

Gendarmes d' Elite Command with Bearskins

To go along with the rank and file the Perry twins have also released some command units with both bearskins and helmets too so they will match whichever set you go for above. I like the ones in the bearkskins more I think mainly for that commanding officer bellowing orders at the top of his voice and the bugler calling for a charge!

Some very cool miniatures as you might expect from the Perry twins and certainly something to get you excited for Napoleonics!

What do you think, bearskin or helmet?

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