The Heroes Of Rorke’s Drift Defend Perry’s Webstore

June 13, 2017 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have released two new sets of character models letting you bring out the Heroes of Rorke's Drift to reenact their famous stand.

Heroes of Rorke's Drift

These sets include everyone from the two lieutenants who famously led the defending brits, to those among the rank and file who destinguished themselves in the conflict.

Heroes of Rorke's Drift 2

What is interesting is that Perry have chosen to go for a range of poses with these men. Some of them have been sculpted ready for combat, while others look worn out by the fighting already.

They are a cinematic selection of sculpts that do remind me of the various scenes from the film Zulu these men show up in.

Will you lead these heroes in a rousing rendition of Men of Harlech?

"Some...are ready for combat, while others look worn out!"

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