Lay Down Some Supporting Fire With Guns From Perry Miniatures

August 29, 2013 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have added some new guns to their collection for the end of August. See what you think of this variety of weapons that could be used to pin enemies and lay down some covering fire.

British 3" Mortar and Four Crew

British Vickers Machine Gun and Four Crew

Italian 81mm Mortar and Four Crew

Italian Breda 37 Machine Gun and Four Crew

The first two you can see are the British mortar and machine gun teams and the bottom two belong to the Italians who have bought a similar set of armaments to the battlefield. You will be able to check out each of these in the New Products section of the Perry website.

Once again it looks like Perry have hit the nail on the head with these and as there is going to be a supplement looking at the Italians soon by Warlord Games I think this could be a timely arrival on the tabletop.

Do you need some heavy weaponry?

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