Mount Up & Join Perry’s Lancers Or Ride In A Rolls Royce

July 24, 2017 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have released new models for their metal historical miniatures ranges, with sculpts for Victoria's Little Wars and World War 2.

Ride Into The Zule Wars

The new additions for Victoria's Little Wars include Lancers to join the charge in the Zulu Wars.

Zulu War Lancers Charging

Zulu War Lancers Command

Zulu War Lancers Upright

Zulu War Lancers Horse Holder

Zulu War Dismounted Lancers

I like how Perry has sculpted each stage of the Lancers at war. It makes for some very cinematic pieces.

Perry has also released minis of the Bombay Infantry for the Anglo-Afghan Wars.

Bombay Infantry Command

Bombay Infantry Advancing

...who are looking very cool indeed.

Ride In a Rolls

From horses to vehicles, Perry has released a Rolls Royce Armoured Car for WWII.

Rolls Royce Armoured Car

The Rolls Royce Armoured Car was first used in WWI, but also saw use during the early years of WWII.

What do you think of these models?

"Perry has sculpted each stage of the Lancers at war..."

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