Napoleonic Russians And Spanish Invade Perry Miniatures’ Sculpting Bench

July 11, 2017 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have shown off a couple of WiP sculpts that will be joining the expansive battles of the Napoleonic era.

The Russians Make A Bang

Alan Perry is currently working on some new stuff for the Russian forces, such as Russian Horse Artillery.

Russian Horse Artillery

Russian Horse Artillery Back

There is something wonderful about the uniforms of this time period. I love the look of those helmets, as grand and impractical as they seem to be.

As well as the guns, the Russians will also be bringing their own forge.

Russian Field Forge

I like this as it is not the sort of thing that you would immediately expect to find on a battlefield, but a moment's thought will tell you just how vital such a thing could be.

The Spanish Are Coming!

Alan has also started work on a new army of Spanish from 1808-1814.

Spanish Napoleonic

The Spanish reportedly wore a lot of different uniforms during this time, but the Perrys look to be taking a crack at providing a good selection for collectors.

The Spanish are set to be one of three armies Alan will be working on this year.

Do you like these models? What army do you want Alan Perry to make?

"There is something wonderful about the uniforms of this time period..."

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