Party With The Medieval Swiss & Two New Sets From Perry Miniatures

May 10, 2015 by brennon

Perry Miniatures are sounding the arrival of someone impressive with two new sets for their Medieval range. See what you make of both the Swiss Horns & Bear alongside their Foot Command who come bearing swords...

Battles & Bears

The first of these two sets gives you a range of horn blowers that could be used as part of a larger unit on the battlefield or maybe whatever circumstance called for a bear and its handler to be present. Maybe these are all part of some Counts entourage?

Swiss Horns & Bear

The Swiss Command certainly mean more business and come armed and armoured for the battlefield. I'm not overly sold on these metal pieces considering some of their other work. The one I do like is the chap with the sword resting on his shoulder (Middle, Left) in the full armour. He looks like he could take down a bear or two...

Swiss Foot Command

Will you be picking these models up to suit your growing army collection? If you are let us know and it would be interesting to see where the bear fits into peoples hobbying too!

What do you think of the sets?

"Maybe these are all part of some Counts entourage?"

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