Perry Miniatures Give Bavarians New Horse Drawn Gear

December 15, 2014 by dracs

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The Bavarian army of 1809-1814 is now getting some new gear to bring with them to war as Perry Miniatures release their horse drawn limbers.

Bavarian Six Horse limber with 12 Pounder

Bavarian Four Horse Limber with Caisson

Bavarian Six Horse limber with No Crew

These horse drawn limbers provide the Bavarian  forces with some highly mobile heavy fire power with which to pound the enemy forces, and Perry have come up with enough variants to provide you with whichever option your army is most in need of.

Perry have an ever expanding range of historical sculpts, characterised by an attention to detail and a rich variety that will help you find whatever your historical gaming needs. These limbers are a perfect example of this and the sculpts make dramatic and eye catching pieces in the midst of what is most likely a heavily infantry based army.

Can any of you history buffs tell us more about these minis and the Baverian army at the time?

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