Perry Miniatures Assemble English Archers For Agincourt

June 3, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures are going to be cutting down the cream of French nobility soon enough as their Agincourt English Army sets are on the horizon. This time around the previews for the upcoming release are for their awesome looking Archers...

3-Up Archers #1

3-Up Archers #2

3-Up Archers #3

As you can see they come with all manner of different heads, bodies, arms and accessories to make them look like the mix and match regiment they would have been. As well as their awesomely powerful longbows they have maces, axes, swords, and daggers for finishing off the enemy once the lines have closed and the others have begun the butchers work.

I remember learning about the longbow and how amazing it was, especially during this period, from Mike Loades and his show that used to be on TV.

Will you pick up these archers?

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