Perry Miniatures March the Austrians into Napoleonic War

August 8, 2012 by brennon

The next plastic box set to be arriving from Perry Miniatures is going to be the Austrian Napoleonic Infantry (1809-1815) and they have a few sneak peeks of the models in various states below...

Austrians in Helmets

Austrians in Shakos

There are forty eight figures inside the box, all with a variety of different heads and ways of posing. On top of that there's also a painting guide for an army of this period, and a rather awesome piece of artwork by Karl Kopinski.

Painting Guide

Austrian Soldier Art

These look like they will be a great set of miniatures with plenty of options while also sticking to the historical accuracy. So do you reckon you'll be adding these historical soldiers into your army?

Is Napoleonic warfare you're thing?

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