Perry Miniatures Massive New Plastic Kits for April

April 9, 2012 by brennon

Perry Miniatures are busy at the grindstone about to bring us two new plastic kits for April. Check out the Russian Napoleonic Infantry and the Mounted Men at Arms below...

Russian Napoleonic Infantry

Russian Napoleonic Infantry Regiment

Inside the Russian Infantry set is 40 (yes 40!) miniatures. That's crazy for the price and should mean that bulking out your forces shouldn't take too long. A lot of painting on the horizon though!

Mounted Men at Arms

Plastic Mounted Men at Arms

But if you're looking for more armoured warriors from an earlier period then how about these Mounted Men at Arms? Plenty of pomp and ceremony with these warriors but a mean lance or mace to end your life at the end of it all.

Do either of these plastic kits appeal to you?

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