Perry Miniatures’ Men At Arms Armour Up For Agincourt

November 25, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have shown off some more of the sprues that we're going to be getting soon for the English Men At Arms that will be taking on the French at Agincourt and beyond. See what you think...

Sample Men At Arms #1

Men At Arms Sprue

Sample Men At Arms #2

As well as the melee weapons you're also going to get some archer sprues to give you the additional fire power to take down those heavily armoured knights. Then these folks can wade in and pluck the flower of French royalty from the field. The actual designs we're seeing here are awesome and I love how every single one of them looks like an individual.

If you're more on the side of the French then you'll be glad to know that Perry Miniatures are indeed working on them as well. While the basic infantry will be more or less the same with a different colour for their regalia there could be some more units on the way including knights!

Will you be getting these?

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