More Perry Miniatures Models Join The French Foreign Legion

August 4, 2014 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have added some more soldiers to the French Foreign Legion with sets that are Advancing, Skirmishing, adding Support Weapons, and even some Commanders too. Plenty of ways for you to bolster your fighting force!

French Foreign Legion (Advancing)

French Foreign Legion (Skirmishing)

French Foreign Legion (Support Weapons)

French Foreign Legion (Command)

The first two sets, Advancing and Skirmishing allow you to have a neat collection of poses to create some individuality in your unit, and each of the actual sculpts is very well detailed as you'd expect from the Perry twins. To help these soldiers out the Support set brings two machine guns to the front alongside a rifle grenade to clear out that pesky nest of enemies. Last but not least you have the Command set leading them all into battle.

A brilliant selection of soldiers I think you'll agree!

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