Perry Previews New WIPs For ACW and Early British Napoleonics

October 28, 2015 by stvitusdancern

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Well the ever talented Perry brothers are at it again with some impressive WIPs (Works In Progress) that they have shown on their Facebook page.

This time around they have some Union soldiers from the ACW (American Civil War) doing what soldiers do best when not actively drilling, and that is standing about trying not to look bored for the fear of the Sargent coming about and finding something for them to do. The sculpts are looking quite good and and the equipment are correct for that time period.

The next WIP is some troops of the "Iron Brigade of the West" (now the Midwest) of the ACW. These stalwart soldiers were noted for their tenacious bravery and "Iron Will" to see the battle through. They were also known as the "Black Hat Brigade" for the distinctive hats they wore versus the Kepi that other soldiers wore.

Turning our attention to an earlier conflict in far away Egypt, they have shown some British troops from around 1801 - 1807. The first being the Royal Marines and they are all kitted out for landings. These tough soldiers definitely earned their meager wages in that day and age.

Lastly, we have some British Light Dragoons, who do to a lack of horses for the harsh desert conditions had traded in their carbines and mounts for muskets and foot soldiering ( can you imagine a calvary man walking into battle, how droll!) All in all the Perrys continue to give us fine examples of their artwork.

"All in all the Perrys continue to give us fine examples of their artwork..."

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