Perry Miniatures Recreate a Heroic Fight for the Eagle at Waterloo

January 13, 2015 by dracs

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Perry Miniatures have put out a preview for a diorama showcasing a particularly bloody and heroic struggle in the battle of Waterloo as a British sergeant of the 2nd Dragoons fights to claim an Eagle standard.

A Hard Contest

Perry look to be coming out with some excellent sculpts to recreate this "Hard Contest", with the heroic Sgt. Ewart surrounded by those he has fought off and about to take down a hapless infantryman.

A Hard Contest Details

The description Perry have provided paints this as a particularly dramatic vignette in the middle of a particularly bloody war. Even with these greens, I think it is safe to say Perry have captured the account very well and that this diorama will be an excellent painting and modelling project for any historical hobbyist.

Do you know of any other impressive Waterloo anecdotes that Perry should turn into a diorama?

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