Perry Miniatures Wheel Out Artillery From Across The Ages

July 27, 2017 by dracs

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Perry Miniatures have released a pair of artillery pieces, adding extra fire power to the battlefields of WWII and Victoria's Little Wars. First, the British can now make use of Perry's BL 5.5 inch gun in WWII.

BL 5.5 Medium Gun

BL 5.5 Medium Gun Crew

This medium artillery piece was used by the British in the middle of WWII, seeing use in North Africa in 1942. It looks to me as though it could blow a hole in practically anything.

Meanwhile, back in the colonialist days of Victoria's Little Wars, Perry have released the Afghan regular artillery loading 12pdr Armstrong.

Afghan Regular Artillery

It's pretty cool to see these artillery pieces presented alongside one another, it gives you a sense of just how military technology had moved along.

Will you use either of these in your games?

"It's cool to see these artillery pieces alongside one another..."

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