Perry Discuss What’s New For Their Plastic Agincourt Knights

July 24, 2018 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures will soon be releasing their Plastic Agincourt Knights which will give you a range of options for someone looking to field both heavily armoured and lightly armoured cavalry on the battlefields of Medieval Europe.

Agincourt Knights #1 - Perry Miniatures

As with everything that Perry Miniatures do, there will be a wealth of options available to you when it comes to armour styles, helmets, weapons and of course the look of the horses too. Here you can see just some of the ways they're planning to mix things up with this set and future projects.

Agincourt Knights #2 - Perry Miniatures

There are going to be armour styles which match the English as well as those which work for German and French designs too. I like this as it allows you to give some personality to each of the riders in turn and provide a point of difference for specific characters too if you wish.

Agincourt Knights #3 - Perry Miniatures

As well as the heavily armoured variants which you see here they have also added some lighter armoured variants to the sprues for the box set to give you a chance to create sergeants and lower ranking soldiers like these Mounted Archers.

Mounted Archers - Perry Miniatures

If you're looking for some Knights which would work well for Medieval-focused Fantasy as well as Historical I could see this set being a good one to snap up. You could maybe even work out a way to combine it with the Agincourt Foot Knights Set to allow you to have a variant of your characters both mounted and slogging through the mud.

Will you be keeping an eye on their progress for this range?

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