Pitchforks & Torches At Dawn With Perry’s Peasants!

November 28, 2013 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have some fun little additions to a historical setting with some Armed Peasants and others that are just angry Peasants! These could be really fun for making a neat diorama...

Armed Peasants


I think these have some neat character to them and show off some nice sculpting work too. I love the idea that some local baron has maybe raised the price of ale and one player has to take on a small regiment of his loyal, if misguided knights against waves and waves of peasants trying to bash down his door and run him through!

Alternatively you could use them to boost an army with some basic lackeys. Maybe you could do a Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War that is almost entirely driven by the peasant? It could be like Peter the Hermit and his Peoples Crusade.

What do you think?

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