Pre-Order the English Army of Agincourt from Perry Miniatures!

November 26, 2014 by dracs

Perry Miniatures' hotly anticipated English Army set is now ready for Agincourt and has headed up for pre-order!

English Army

This box set contains 36 plastic miniatures, letting you build a force of English bowmen and men-at-arms that King Henry himself could be proud of.

Agincourt Archers

English Men at Arms

Speaking of King Henry, Perry are also offering a special deal with this box set. Anyone who orders three of this kit will also get themselves a mini of Henry V, ready to lead your new English forces.

Henry deal

This army set, which will be heading out come the first week of December, looks to me to be the perfect place to start collecting a historical army, giving you a nice diversity of well sculpted figures with which to create the grand armies of medieval England. They might also make nice alternatives outside of historical gaming, and I would not be surprised to find myself facing Agincourt archers in Kings of War or Warhammer Fantasy.

Are you going to pre-order Perry's English army?

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