Prussian and French Reinforcements from Perry Miniatures

February 15, 2012 by brennon

Check out some of the latest greens and Work-in-Progress models from the Perry Miniatures team, this time with a French and Prussian feel to them.

French Marines

French Marines Full Dress

Prussian Landwehr

Prussian Landwehr Stiffened Caps

But if your looking for something a little more macabre but equally useful on the battlefield then how about this tipping cart from the 15th Century?

15th Century Tipping Cart

The phrase '"Bring out yer Dead!" comes to mind. I'm always a sucker for great little characterful miniatures like this tipping cart, bringing a bit of life (or death in this case) to a table top scene.

Will you be paying for these reinforcements, or even for the removal of the dead?

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