Russia & Austria Clash With Perry Miniature Releases

October 31, 2013 by brennon

Perry Miniatures have got a whole bunch of fantastic looking Napoleonic miniatures for both Russia and Austria. See what you think of their Mounted Jaegers and the Austrian Cuirassiers alongside a sneak French addition...

Mounted Jaegers Attacking

Mounted Jaeger Command

Now those are some cool looking soldiers. I do like the look of Napoleonics and I have enjoyed playing through video games like Empire Total War but never got myself into the miniature wargame equivalent. It's obviously very good to know that Perry Miniatures have you covered though.

Cuirassiers With Shouldered Swords

Cuirassiers Charging

Cuirassiers Command

Above we then have these Austrian Cuirassiers in a variety of poses including charging, with swords up, and a command pack rallying the men into a charge. The sculpts are nice and look like they have a good level of detail to them, but then again the Perry twins are pretty good with their sculpting tools.

Cavalry Skirmishing (French)

Rounding things off we have some French Cavalry wrapped up warm as they retreat from Russia and more specifically Moscow, or so their details say. The French, retreating? Who would have thought it! I jest, I jest.

If you're looking for some mainland European cavalry this could be for you.

Will you be adding them to your army?

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