Perry Send Camel Ambulances To Help The Egyptian Campaign

September 13, 2017 by dracs

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Perry Miniatures have some new releases for the Egyptian campaign, including the innovative camel ambulances.

Egyptian Ambulances

According to Perry, these ambulances were the idea of surgeon-in-chief Dominique Jean Larrey and no doubt proved life-saving during the fighting. Perry also released some Ottoman civilians to act as camp followers for either side.

Egyptian Civilians

I've said before how I like to see civilian models for a game as they do make a setting feel more like a living environment, so it is good to see these pieces get released.

Spanish Infantry Get Into Their Civvies

Perry has also previewed some upcoming Spanish Infantry miniatures.

Spanish Fusiliers Civilian Clothing

These Fusiliers have been sculpted in their civilian clothes. Perry has said this is to represent those soldiers who hadn't received their uniforms, or whose uniforms had worn out, which is the kind of detail you don't really consider when thinking of the massed ranks of Napoleon warfare.

What do you think of Perry's latest pieces?

"[These ambulances] no doubt proved life saving during the fighting..."

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