Perry Show The Figures They’re Bringing In Their Travel Battles

March 6, 2017 by dracs

Perry Miniatures have been working on the figures for their upcoming game Travel Battles and have just given us our first look at how they are shaping up.

Travel Battle Figures

The models of this army will be 8mm scale, and the final force will feature 160 infantry, twenty-four cavalry, four guns and crew, as well as six brigadiers in coloured plastic.

The armies themselves will be produced in both red and blue plastic. As well as these 3-ups, Perry has shown off some of the creation processes that went into making them.

Travel Battle Heavy Cavalry Impressions

Travel Battle Cavities

Travel Battle Cutter

Travel Battle Plastercine

Perry is planning to launch the game at this year's Salute, complete with figures and terrain.

This game is looking really promising as the perfect pick and play historical battle games.

Is this a game you are planning on getting hold of?

"The perfect pick and play historical battle game..."

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