Perry Miniatures Begin Work On The Heroes Of Rorke’s Drift

May 10, 2017 by brennon

Perry Miniatures has been adding to their Rorke's Drift and Zulu Wars collection with the Heroes of Rorke's Drift that you might recognise!

Perry Zulu Characters #1

Here you can see a range of the characters that they're working on which would make for a great scenario to play out on the tabletop. You know that Zulu game we played out? Well, this could take it to the next level with some of these characters.

Perry Zulu Characters #2

They've covered pretty much all of the 'cool' bases when it comes to these sculpts and hopefully it won't be long until we get to see them on their webstore. What do you think of this cast of characters?

Will you be picking them up when they release?

"What do you think of this cast of characters?"

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